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World's Smallest Working Gun In The World

It fits into your pocket and packs one hell of a punch. Probably the smallest Working Gun In The World. total length of this gun does not exceed 5.5 cm. Made in Switzerland, by SwissMiniGun company, no bigger than 5.5 cm (2.16 inches), it’s a deadly weapon. It fires 2.34mm bullets, with the killing range of 112 meters.

SwissMiniGun can also be more expensive than a luxury Swiss watch. In fact, one of the offered models is made in hand-engraved 18k gold, encrusted with the choicest diamonds (price starts at $50,000)

SwissMiniGun feels sorry for all the US collectors and buyers who can’t lay their hands on this gun. Here is the text from the landing page of the website

“Important information for import into the USA.
The US Department of Justice has mentioned that our miniature revolver, ref. C1ST does not meet with the minimum size prerequisites referring to the Factoring Criteria for Weapons ATF Form 4590.
Therefore, our revolver is not classified as sporting and is not importable into the USA.
We feel sorry for all the US collectors who have showed interest in our miniature revolver.
We promise that our next model will meet with the US Factoring Criteria for Weapons. “

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