воскресенье, 22 марта 2009 г.

I would have stood in front of it with my stick and sword and said... YOU SHALL NOT PASS!

When the weather turned violent and stormy on Tuesday evening, Lori Mehmen looked out her front door in Orchard, Iowa and this is what she saw. She had a digital camera handy, and somehow managed to take this photo before crapping her pants and taking cover. This, my friends, is why always having a camera nearby is helpful. Oh, and no one was injured during this tornado, fortunately.

P.S. "The picture has been proven to be an image taken by a local in Orchard. The storm was an isolated supercell that developed along the edge of weak warm front in northern Iowa. The storm was first severe warned, but then also tornado warned as it showed a very nice lowered wall cloud with broad rotation. The storm never produced a tornado, and to my knowledge never had anything more than good sized hail and a broad rotating wall cloud with the usual scud along its' edges."

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